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Ninja-Shoes 【Rubber-soled tabi】

【Jpapn Sandals Zori】

【Wood Sandals】



Shoes that the Ninja was putting on are Rubber-soled Tabis.

jikatabi japan shose

Shoes that the Samurai was putting on are Zori.

Zori Japan shoes

Shoes to go to the temple are Geta.

japan shoes Geta

Also in modern Japan, a lot of people are putting on shoes that the ninja and the samurai were putting on.
The rubber-soled tabi is still put on in an architectural shop floor and the labour for farming.
It puts on Zori at time when it put on the kimono and the festival, etc.
                       In recent Japan

The functionality etc. have improved though shape doesn't change for a long time.
The kind of the color and shape has increased recently, too.
There is a person who puts it on fashionably, too

It introduces traditional shoes of Japan on this homepage.

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